100 Floors (iOS/Android) Game Review


I’m a huge fan of puzzle games, and the App Store and the Google Play store is full of them, but I’d have to say 100 Floors is amongst the top few that really stand out!

It’s a relatively simple game, you’re presented with a lift door and you have to work out how to open the doors to get to the next level. Each level is almost impossible at first glance, but as soon as you’ve given it some thought, you’ll realize that the answer has been staring you right in the face the entire time. I’ve found myself searching YouTube for walkthrough videos only to facepalm once I’ve found out how to complete the level.

What makes this game great is that it doesn’t just use the touch screen to solve each puzzle, some of them require you to shake your device or turn it upside down. The use of the accelerometer adds a real twist to this game that most puzzle games don’t have.

100 Floors has been available on iOS for a while now, but us Android users are slowly getting the complete game, we’re currently at 70 floors. It’s a little annoying that we’ve had to wait this long for the game and when we do get it, it’s only half of the game, but at least it’s here!

If you’re into complicated, yet simple once you know the solution puzzle games, then you should try 100 Floors.

Link: 100 Floors on the App Store.
Link: 100 Floors on the Google Play Store. 

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