A First Glance to Hardware: Shipbreakers Gameplay

The latest episode from Hardware: Shipbreakers has been released to the public, and it has made many eager fans excited as it finally reveals a first glance at gameplay.

Many Homeworld fans will instantly recognise several similar characteristics to the style of gameplay, especially how the aircraft move and the familiar looking (and sounding) sensors map. In a way this game appears to be a cross breed of Homeworld and Supreme Commander, so playing the game should be familiar to those who have played either.

As for the graphics, although it’s still in development the game is starting to look pretty good. As a bonus it still has a familiar feel to that of Homeworld 2, especially how the aircraft have the iconic trails behind them and how the HUD has been laid out.

Several sounds can be recognised from the old Homeworld games, the sensors sounds and pings are the same, and there is a hint of the old Turanic chatter in the background in-between sentences. The music also has the same eerie atmospheric sound to it as it did in the old Homeworld games.

So overall, this game is looking better and better all the time. It appears to be more along the lines of a ‘king-of-the-hill’ style RTS, but nevertheless, it should be pretty interesting!

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