A Gift to the Call of Duty Community: Christmas Noobs

Every year, plenty of new people join the current Call of Duty game that has just been released.  Black Ops II is no exception   By my expectation, the amount of people who play the game could at least double from its average of approximately 500,00 people daily that play the game.  With the huge influx of new players into the game we can expect one thing that every owner of the game right now has been looking forward to for the past month.

Christmas Noobs

It is this time of year when all of the people who have no idea how to play the game put in the disc for the first time and those of us who have had the game for the past month and a half are licking our chops as we get the freshest meat, a way to improve our score per minute, kill death ratio, as well as our win loss ratio. It is this time, more than ever, for the experienced gamers to reset their states and, by level, seem like a noob, only using this as a tactic for increasing their stats.

Christmas noobs are the best thing that happens to the COD community each year, and its about to happen again to all of the experienced Black Ops 2 Members as we get what we love most.  Noobs

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