A Mass Effect Prequel

The Mass Effect Series has come to an end as the last of the DLC has been announced and released for Mass Effect 3.  Now, with one of the most original concepts for a game, we have the opportunity to look to what might be something that Mass Effect could become as there has been some speculation due to Casey Hudson adding fuel to the fire when he asked what players would like to see in another title from the mass effect universe.  Most people said they would like to have the ability to play any race they choose, kind of like how Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer let you choose different races and classes with those races.  Now, that seems like an excellent idea for if Mass Effect became an MMO, but I see it struggling if it doesn’t as the only game series that has reliably done that has been the Elder Scrolls series.  But I have a different idea for what the next Mass Effect game could be.

homeworldSome people may consider a time in which man came into contact with other species in the Mass Effect Universe as a great starting point for a prequel. I concur that this would be a great starting point to take the ideas from what happened before the First Contact War and make it lead straight into the First Contact War.  This way you can still play as different races, but the thing that is most important about this idea for the game is how it’s played.

Many people have heard of the legendary games called Homeworld and Star Wars Battlefront.  My idea for the Mass Effect prequel is to more or less combine the aspects of both of these games.  Since the First Contact War obviously had some space battles and that sort of thing, I think we could follow the idea of Homeworld which allowed you to create a fleet of different ships that could be used for space battles and eventually be used for landings on different planets where it brings into the idea of Star Wars Battlefront.

The idea is not the fact that you have points that you can hold and then your countdown timer runs out or vice versa with the enemy.  Rather, it focuses on these large battles where you are a single soldier for your different race and you attempt to secure the planet through a series of various missions relating to the planet’s terrain and occupants.

Could you imagine an intergalactic map where you have Turians, Humans, Salarians and Asari all fighting against each other, although it will have to be related to the Mass Effect lore.  It could give an awesome way of making the game changeable and able to have a greater affect on possible story lines that would lead to the current Mass Effect games.


The modes of play I would see as this: a story mode which would relate to the lore and create the realm that we know from the Mass Effect universe.  The second mode would be along the lines of a “Galactic Warfare” type of map where you would start out with a number of planets based on your race and then fight to rule the galaxy.  This way you can have some non-lore related gameplay that could show a “what if” scenario.

We know there was a great galactic conflict at one time, how awesome would it be to recreate it? Leave me some comments down below for some other ideas you guys would like to see in another Mass Effect game.

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