A Rumored Dead Space 3

It’s been a year since EA’s last third-person shooter survival horror genre Dead Space was released. So far EA has released Dead Space 1, Dead Space 2, and Dead Space Extraction for the WII. There have also been two animated films following the series along with a number of books and downloadable content. The series is considered unique to the normal survival horror series and its games are known for being some of the scariest out there. Trust me I have had my fair share of hacking off necromorph limbs, and I have to say there have been moments were I had to turn the game off and walk away trembling. Many who played the series would probably tell you the same. That’s many fans of the series are excited about the rumors surrounding Dead Space 3. (Sounds kind of weird to be excited about a game I know will freak me out).

Many rumors have surfaced that Dead Space 3 will follow right off the events in the second game, taking place on an Ice Planet called Tau Volantis. The planet will be like an icy world with blizzards and white out condition. Kind of like the film the “THING”, this was a good horror movie. There is a lot of speculation regarding the location of the game being on an ice planet, however I like the idea. The first Dead Space took place on a crapped ship call the  Ishimura, with small always and tight corridors. The second game took place in a large thriving city called the Sprawl with large fighting spaces; each game provided its own environment and challenges. In the first game it was easy to get trapped in the tight corridors and you were forced to blast your way through enemies with your back up against the wall. In the second game with its large rooms and hallways you often found yourself surrounded by waves of enemies. Forcing you to shot in every direction so you won’t be torn apart by the enemies claws, teeth, and ingrown parts. (Nasty stuff). It’s nice to see that the third game would have its own environment and its own challenges that would come with it.  Imagine you’re walking through a blizzard to get to an objective on the other side, and you can barely see out a foot ahead of you. When all of a sudden you hear growls, and strange sounds in the distance, they grow closer as you walk further onto your objective. You then begin to see dark shadows dart in and out off few through the snow, the music darkness. Then out of nowhere an enemy jumps on you to attack, that would be a moment were id simple press pause, take a minute to catch my breath and find my man hood. Then id unpause the game and kill the enemy, only to realize IM NOT EVEN HALF WAY THERE.(glum)

Going in alone in a game like Dead Space can always be scary, but no need to fear there may possibly be a co-op feature. There has been a lot of talk on whether Dead Space 3 will feature a co-op mode, and sources on the internet are stating they will.  Apparently there will be someone on the icy planet who will guide you to your object if you choose to play the co-op mode. Supposedly he would act as your guide as you make your way through harsh terrain, and work together to take down enemies. I can’t really say if I’m excited for this mode, because I feel like playing co-op will take away from the scare value of the game. However on the flip sides it would be cool to take down enemies with a friend, this way I wouldn’t be pausing the game every five minutes. (At least I’m honest). Along with a co-op there of course will be new enemies and weapons to fight with. One of the rumored enemies is a large spider-like creature that you have to shoot its legs to take out. There isn’t much more I can say about Dead Space 3, but based on the rumors and its track record I know it will be a great game.

I am very excited see Dead Space three, maybe EA will reveal it to us at E3 being only a few weeks away. I hope the game does feature some of the rumors I stated above, especially the icy planet. What do you think Dead Space 3 will be like, leave a comment below and let us know here at Games-Tec.


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