A Tactical Change?

Oh Treyarch, you are a sneaky sneaky developer.  Remember when Treyarch introduced a new mode with zombies several years ago? Remember how big that has become?  Well it seems like they may be introducing a new game type.  In the campaign you are given the option of playing in tactical missions in which you can either control your units from an overhead point-of-view, or take on the action on foot in the form of a drone, soldiers or turrets.  It is the new form of a crossbreed of an RTS and an FPS.  It isn’t a very deep set of side missions, but there is so much potential for more from these few side missions.  I could see a DLC that adds several new missions or even allows players to compete against each other for an objective in either teams or in a 1v1 mode.  Now, I doubt that it would happen due to the focus on just map packs and zombies, but it would be an interesting addition to the Call of Duty series wouldn’t it?

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