Alienware X51 Now Available With Ubuntu Linux

Some great news for Linux gaming fans today, as Alienware announce that their X51 gaming desktop PC will now be available with Ubuntu Linux. As someone who has been following the Linux gaming movement for a while now, this is very interesting news to me and a very promising advancement for Linux gaming. Since its official launch earlier this year, Steam for Linux has had a great start and with a move from a hardware manufacturer such as Alienware, this can only be good news for the growing platform.

Alienware X51

Since we haven’t yet covered the Windows version of the X51 on Games-Tec, I will briefly cover the specs of the device: The X51 makes use of Intel’s latest processors with i3, i5 and i7 models all being an option, up to 8GB RAM and 1TB storage as well as a Nvidia GTX 6xx series GPU. All models come equipped with a slot load, dual layer DVD burner and b/g/n wireless LAN. Ubuntu comes pre-installed along with the Nvidia Linux drivers.

While the number of Steam for Linux compatible games is still low compared to the Windows version of the platform, Linux gamers are able to access a lot of the popular titles such as: Team Fortress 2, CounterSrike Source, and Amnesia (plus a lot more, full list here) As the list of games grows I’d hope to see more manufacturer’s taking this stance and making Ubuntu an option for gamers. For now though, Alienware’s news is very promising and just goes to show how far Steam for Linux and Linux gaming in general has come along.

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