AMD and Crystal Dynamics Create Ultra-Realistic Hair Graphics

AMD Graphics and Crystal Dynamics took the newest iteration of the Tomb Raider series as a perfect time to unveil and test their new graphical rendering system, TressFX.  This new optimization and system work to create extremely realistic hair, as they have showcased on Lara Croft.

tress_before_after2This new system heavily utilizes the capabilities of AMD’s Graphic Core Next (GCN) architecture thanks to the HD 7000 series’ extremely fast on-chip memory and the 28 nanometer architecture, allowing for an extraordinary amount of transistors (4.3 billion).

On top of its use for hair rendering, it would be interesting to see what other graphical improvements this system may bring.  Many beautiful graphics have been strictly used in pre-rendered videos, due to their extremely heavy use of resources, something that could never be maintained within a game.  Now that these features (e.g. realistic hair, realistic cloth, etc.) are becoming feasible in-game, we may find a new take on graphics, and the elimination of diminishing returns.

TressFX - LaraCroft - 1Something else that should be expounded upon is the feasibility of this technology being used on Nvidia cards.  While the most powerful cards on the market belong to Nvidia, there’s no guarantee that this system will be optimized to run on their cards.  TressFX may be AMD’s answer to Nvidia’s extremely potent PhysX engine, and it’s strict Nvidia-only compatibility.

Keep checking in for more developments as more information is released by AMD and Crystal Dynamics and read more about the new Tomb Raider game here.

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