And when you thought it was all over, Wargaming has announced a third installment of the ‘World of…’ series

First came World of Tanks, then a few years later, World of Warplanes emerged with high anticipation. But do those battle fanatics up in Wargaming call it a day? Do they finally stop after seeing that World of Tanks is the best MMO to date? Of course not! And that’s why the latest installment: World of Warships, is in development!

It is quite unsurprising though. If you’ve been monitoring Wargaming’s channel you could see glimpses of a possible naval warfare game since the Christmas trailer a few years back, as well as the first teaser trailer for the game.

Concept of what the gameplay may be like. Expect everything to go “BOOM!”

However there are a few issues with this game. First of all some people say that it’s called World of Warships whilst others say that it’s called World of Battleships. But secondly, and most importantly, how will a game based on naval warfare match the excitement of tank battles and dogfights?

So far there is limited information about this game, but we should know that the basic formula will still be there.

- You will have the three basic countries: the USA, USSR and Germany.

-Their individual tech trees.

-Ten tiers; tier one being wooden row boats (probably) whilst tier ten will most likely include giant dreadnoughts.


However the one main problem with this game will most likely be its maps. Think about it. It’s sea based warfare, thus it’ll be on the sea…which is flat. Has anyone played the recent Total War games? Think of the naval warfare on those games. Flat maps and more flat maps. However they could include harbours and other rocky terrains to spice it up a bit, but even so, it’ll still be very limited.

On the other hand, they will include ships such as U-boats/submarines, cruisers and other interesting vessels such as aircraft carriers for long-range air support.

Effectively this is how it may look like in the world of WoT

- Frigates > Light tanks

- Destroyers > Medium Tanks

- Battleships > Heavy Tanks

- Carriers > SPGs

- Submarines > Tank Destroyers

Carriers will probably be the SPG’s of the fleet.

There is an E3 trailer out at the moment which shows you a small glimpse of what may be in store. There may be three different ways of attacking: The traditional cannons/turrets, Airstrike and Torpedoes. This may also make it slightly clearer for the different ship types, such as how tank destroyers and SPG’s are in World of Tanks.

Unfortunately, the game is far from its release date, let alone its alpha and beta testing stages. I guess we will have to wait a little longer until we can finally see what is in store for us.

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