Angry Birds Space (Android/iOS) Game Review

Do we really need another installment of Rovio’s Angry Birds franchise?

Honestly, I’m not sure..

That being said, Rovio have really pulled their finger out on this one and have introduced a completely new concept to their tower toppling game. Angry Birds Space is, as you may have guessed based in space, and the space pigs have taken the cosmic birds eggs and guess what? They’re angry!

There’s an entirely new way to play Angry Birds in this game. The pigs hiding amongst wood, stone, and glass towers may feel familiar but as you leave your catapult armed space rock your bird is affected by gravity and the orbit of the planet that our unfriendly pigs are making their homes. You’ll find yourself scratching your head trying to navigate between two planets and their gravitational fields!

There’s a new bird in town too! A Square little fellow that freezes the scenery and pigs on contact so they’re left waiting for the next feathered fiend to come smashing through their frozen snouts.

Angry Birds is one of the most popular mobile video game with over 700 million downloads across all platforms!

Angry Birds Space is available for free on Android and £0.69 in the iOS app store.

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