Assassins Creed 3 Update

With the release of a trailer for the new Assassins Creed 3, hype is going to build immensely.  The new setting that is away from the traditional ones of the areas in the middle east as well as different parts of italy, and now is in the new world, and by new world I mean North America.  More specifically, it is set during the American Revolution.  This will set a different way to play the game because not all gameplay will be in cities, and rather, as the trailer shows, it will involve running through the trees.  The video also showed that the seasons will change within the game, and weather could play a role in gameplay as it could restrict the movement of the player though the environment depending on what season it is.

The main character int he story has taken on a new twist as he is not of a pure bloodline like the previous assassins were.  Rather, his father was a white european and his mother, a native American.  He has a native American name, but for the sake of my spelling, the developers also have given him the name of Connor.

Based on the trailer, Connor seems to have a few new toys to kill people with to go along with the several obvious weapons he will have, i.e the hidden blade etc.  He shows how much he can use a tomahawk to devastate redcoat soldiers.  Also, instead of having the traditional throwing knives, Connor has upgraded to using a bow, or long bow for ranged attacks.

The other news coming with the release of the trailer is that Assassins Creed 3 will be made playable for the Wii U.  Never before has it been available of the Wii, so it is a new experience for Wii gamers.  This also adds to the interesting idea that the Wii U may be released before the release of Assassins Creed 3, although that is not yet known.

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