Assassin’s Creed: Revelations review (Xbox 360)

So the last game in the AC series that’s been published so far. This is probably a good time to tell you why I took the time to write a review on the entire series. I did it because of the release of Assassins Creed III, which I am really excited about. Even as I’m typing this I’m trying to look up things about AC III to be able to know more about the events that are going to happen about the new main character. Now I could go on and on about how excited I am, but seeing as this review is supposed to be able AC: Revelations, I’m going to stop ranting about my excitement and actually move on with the review. Once again the game has been developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. The game was released in November of 2011 and was labelled a historic action-adventure.

Normally I would go into detail about what happens in the start of the story, but seeing as there is some spoilery content in this one, I’m deciding to leave one important detail out in case you’re reading the reviews with the intention of deciding whether you want to play the series or not. So on with the rest of the review.


The Story:

After the events of the previous game, Desmond has fallen into a coma and in order Desmond and Clay AKA subject 16to safe his mind, the modern day assassins placed his mind in a special area of the Animus, the so called Black Room. However when Desmond wakes up inside the Animus, he comes across Clay Kaczmarek, AKA Subject 16. 16 ended up in the Animus before Desmond and he explains that Desmond’s mind is fragmented and the only way to be able to awaken from the Animus is go through his ancestors’ memories until he reaches the point that the memories have nothing left to show Desmond. This is called a Synch Nexus and basically it means that once this point is reached, the Animus would be able to distinct Desmond’s memories from those of Altaïr and Ezio.

in the Ezio’s memory, you’ll find that he is now an old man, judging from the rare occasions that you’re able to see his face, I reckon he’s about 50 years of age, unless he looks older than he is because what he’s been through in his life. Still, Ezio’s memories reveal that he’s travelled to Masyaf, the base of the assassin’s Order from the original AC, in order to unlock the secrets that Altaïr had discovered and to discover his true purpose in the long struggle between Assassins and Templars.

As soon as Ezio arrives at Masyaf, he finds that it’s overrun with Templars and they capture him with the intention to execute him, but of course Ezio manages to escape and he finds himself in the bowels of the fortress. Here he finds that Altaïr had a library, but to enter it, Ezio would need 5 keys. The Templars were in possession of the first one and the journals of Niccoló Polo (father to Marco Polo) would lead Ezio to the rest of them. As soon as Ezio gets his hands on the Polo journal, he discovers that the remaining keys are in Constantinople (currently known as Istanbul in Turkey) because of this Ezio sets out to Constantinople and he quickly finds allies in the local Turkish Assassin’s Guild.


Altaïr and the Masyaf Keys

The Masyaf keys play an important part in this games. These keys are used to be able to unlock his library whAltaïr in a Masyaf Key memoryich lies underneath the fortress in Masyaf. Each of the five keys were created by Altaïr and his knowledge of the Codex allowed him to program the keys with key memories of his existence. Ezio would be able to access these memories and have an Animus like experience when reliving these memories.

Seeing as there are 5 keys you’re able to relive 5 of Altaïr’s memories that take place before and after the events of the original AC game. The first key deals with a Crusader attack on Masyaf and how Altaïr saved the leader of the Order at that time, Al Mualim. The second key shows what happened right after the ending of the original AC, meaning it shows how Altaïr deals with Al Mualim’s death. The third key shows how Altaïr was forced to flee Masyaf with his eldest son after the death of his wife and youngest son. The fourth key shows Altaïr’s return to Masyaf after 20 years of exile and taking control as the rightful leader of the Assassin’s Order. The final key shows how Altaïr had seen the future in the Apple of Eden and how he encoded his memories into the Masyaf keys which he then handed to Niccoló and Maffeo Polo.



What to say about the gameplay? The gameplay is pretty much the same then the previous games in the series. I’ve said this in previous reviews as well, but this is simply the case, the gameplay in the entire series hasn’t changed all that much, it’s only been improved with each game without any major changes to it. With each game Ezio’s equipment has been upgEzio attacking from a zip lineraded, but this game has the best upgrade to date, namely the Hook blade. The Hook blade is basically an extension to the normal hidden blade but the hook on it (can you guess where the name comes from?) which allows for easier climbing, throws and new evasive maneuvers. But it can also be used outside of combat as I mentioned earlier it will help with the climbing portion of the game, but it also allows you to be able to zip around Constantinople by the use of the various zip lines that are installed around the city.

Another new feature to Revelations is the fact that you can now create your own bombs to the way you like them. The crafting system is component-based, meaning that you do have to go out and find or buy the components that you want to have in the bomb. These bombs can range from normal smoke bombs to bombs that have goat’s blood in it to be able to create a small chaos or bombs with spikes that will slow down the guards you’re fighting or trying to escape from.

There’s also a new minigame featured in the game. In the previous instalment you were able to capture the towers of the Borgia and claim them as your own and basically make bases out of them. In this game that feature has been expanded on. this time around you don’t have to simply just go up to the tower, kill the commander of it and burn the thing to the ground, but you have to play through a mini game to do so. Once you capture a tower, it would become known as an Assassin’s Den, but because of the fact that you could get control of it, it means that the Templars will attempt to win control back over the location. This will happen when the guards around the city become more aware of your presence, or when you become more notorious. When an assault on a Den happens, you have to defend it. In this minigame, Ezio will assume command of the troops and you have to distribute assassins over the rooftops of the location or put up barriers to slow the Templars down. While in this mini game you have to command the troops, it doesn’t mean that that’s the only thing you do throughout the minigame. You can have Ezio use his hidden gun to take down targets as well.

The Multiplayer feature is also back, but once again, I haven’t played this yet, so I wouldn’t be able to tell you if it is any good or not. What I can tell you is that the Multiplayer works on the same concept as the one in Brotherhood, but this one is expanded with new maps, characters and new game modes as well as the fact that the facial animations and expressions have improved. It’s not just that, the customization of your character has been expanded to allow the player to choose their main and secondary weapons, changing of their appearance, editing of clothes as well as a few other minor features.



Well, as I said with the other reviews, there’s not much to be said about what I think of this game. If I had to be honest, I believe that this is the best game in the series seeing as you don’t only have Ezio, who is awesome in his own way, to control but on occasion Altaïr as well, who is by far my favourite character in the AC series. But I have to admit that I wasn’t really a fan of the minigame to defend Assassin’s dens, but you can ignore these missions if you want to.

The one thing that I am sad about is the fact that Ezio’s story has come to an end with this game, but I am excited about the fact that this means we will get introduced to a new character in the next instalment.

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