EA’s Latest Mistakes

The recent release of the latest iteration in the SimCity series has served very well to expose several shortcomings of not only EA, but the gaming industry as a whole.  From the beginning, EA refused to allow pre-loading of the game through their Origin service (a program that has been controversial since its incarnation), the […]


AMD and Crystal Dynamics Create Ultra-Realistic Hair Graphics

AMD Graphics and Crystal Dynamics took the newest iteration of the Tomb Raider series as a perfect time to unveil and test their new graphical rendering system, TressFX.  This new optimization and system work to create extremely realistic hair, as they have showcased on Lara Croft. This new system heavily utilizes the capabilities of AMD’s […]


THQ Auctions Off Assets

THQ, after declaring bankruptcy, began auctioning off its assets this week, after sending out this letter to emplyees:   To All THQ Employees: We now have the answers we’ve been seeking through our financial restructuring and Chapter 11 case. While much will be written, here are the facts of the bids and auction that occurred […]


Dwarf Fortress: Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Strike The Earth

It’s been a year and a half or so since I first picked up the infamous game Dwarf Fortress, renowned for its steep learning curve and almost bizarre level of depth. Dwarf Fortress is hailed as having “two and a half” game modes, which, while sounding strange at first, makes complete sense upon looking through […]

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