A Mass Effect Prequel

The Mass Effect Series has come to an end as the last of the DLC has been announced and released for Mass Effect 3.  Now, with one of the most original concepts for a game, we have the opportunity to look to what might be something that Mass Effect could become as there has been […]


Kickstarter: Saving The Small Time Gaming Companies?

Kickstarter has become a wonderful thing.  people are able to pledge money towards something in which they would like to see, in the sens that if they pledge this money to a company or a person then receive some benefits from supporting them, with some better benefits coming when they pledge more money.  A lot of people and companies have benefited […]


When does big Become Too Big: Samsung Reveals 110 Inch 4k TV

At CES, Samsung has showed how they can make a good looking TV.  The thing that they didn’t happen to mention, but simply showed off, was just how massive this TV is.  110 inches dwarfs any other TV on the market with the exception of projection screen which really aren’t TV’s at all.  The TV is considered as an ultra-HD TV, and from […]


Fallout 4?

There is going to be some rumors about this one. Voice actor Erik Todd Dellums, who played the role of Three Dog in the immensely popular Fallout 3,tweeted that you may be hearing more of him in the near future.  This, and the fact that members of Bethesda were spotted in a potential location of the next […]

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