Black Ops 2: Buy or Don’t buy?

One of the biggest series in the gaming universe is set to release their latest installment with the release of Black Ops 2 on Tuesday.  What most gamers I am sure, are asking themselves, is if it is a good idea to buy this latest installment.  I think that’s a question that almost every gamer will have, but there will be different ways of getting to the answer of: “To buy or not to buy.”  So I’ll try to answer some questions by looking at my personal experience with the Call of Duty series.

So, one of the things that I like most about the development of this game is who makes it.  Yes, Treyarch is not the same company that it was when the first Black Ops was created.  Granted, I think they are sticking to a lot of the same ideals that the first installment had in that they are going to make a game that is fair to play and isn’t solely based on who has the best connection– something that has always been a complaint when Infinity Ward made their game. The first Black Ops was my favorite game in the series (I came into the scene late with MW2 being my first online FPS) but having played extensively both MW2 as well as Black ops, and then somewhat with MW#, the quality of the game was much better when Treyarch released the title.  I was never truly frustrated with Black Ops as I was for the Modern Warfare installments.  I never made it through any prestige in MW3 because I was frustrated too easily with it.  I made it through to the 14 prestige in Blops one and through 9 in MW2.  I think it says something when you go from playing the game a ton, to not playing the next installment at all because of how the game plays out.

The next reason why I think people should get it? Zombies.  Treyarch does this so well and they are really stepping it up for this game by offering three different game modes within the ‘zombies’ part of the game.  One of the main problems people had with ‘zombies’ before was that it never had an end and the goal was simply to get to the highest round possible, but after hitting a certain point, the game wasn’t fun anymore for people so they just simply threw the game and died.  Now, with the objective of actually lasting to a certain point as well as getting to a designated goal, it gives new meaning to the game and makes it more fun.  The addition of a 4v4 last man standing part of ‘zombies’ also makes for an interesting take on it as you are competing against other players for that high score, directly on teams and, again, you have constant motivation to keep going in the game.  It can also be more fun since there are more players within this game type.  Just imagine 8 people running around killing zombies that attack their friends while letting the zombies eat the hearts out of the enemy team.

Those two things are some of my biggest reasons to get the game, but there are some things that I am unsure about when it comes to the new game:

1) This will be the first game that will truly be put out in the future tense.  This really worries me.  It is really either boom or bust because they are going to be creating a whole new set of weapons, killstreaks, etc… that will have really never been tested out before and could really make the game great, or to an extent, make it unplayable.  It is going to be possibly the most ambitious of the series since COD 4, which was an instant classic.  It really will have time to tell if the future gameplay will allow for it to be great or a flop.

2) Patches and refinement to gameplay.  This is a big one.  In Blops 1 they allowed for patches as well as hot-fixes that repaired and altered the weapons and perks which made the game more balanced and fun.  This was one thing Treyarch did extremely well.  However, with most of the staff from Treyarch gone, will this continue with the extensive change to the game through patches and hot-fixes? It was something that made Blops 1 successful, can they repeat that FETA in this installment?

3) The last item is something that worries me maybe the most.  How much is it going to be like MW3.  Watching gameplay trailers, as well as seeing gameplay and listening to what people have to say on the game, it looks like it will be very similar to MW3 inthe gameplay aspect.  For example, the game seems much faster than the first installment which focused more on gun skill than on the player who can move around the map the best and kill people at will because of their connection.  The other thing I see is that the killstreaks may be way, way, WAY overpowered.  I mean a robot that you can control that drops from the sky? It takes the juggernaught suit from MW3 to a whole new level and could potentially break the game if it is too easy to acquire.

I plan on getting the game as of right now just because I am a fan of the series, at least the Treyarch games.  Hopefully this one leads up to the high expectations for it with good gameplay.  I have high hopes.

Now, should you buy it?  I think that you should wait and read some of the reviews to come out, including our’s and then make your decision.  Unless, of course, you are a fan of the game, then you should go ahead and pre-order it now so that you can make sure to get some of the bonus content such as Nuketown 2025. Expect a review on the multiplayer in the game by me on Thursday, November 15th.

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