Black Ops II, Multiplayer Review

(This review is based on my experience so far in the game, and my opinions are subject to change as patches are released and I play the game more)

So I’ll just get to the point right away.  This game is a lot of fun.  And by fun I mean I don’t get super frustrated enough that I want to chuck my controller at the screen like I did for MW3.  It is truly a great game so far.  Granted, I am only halfway through my first prestige and there is a lot of the game yet to be played.  But so far my experience has been great.  So enough of my general ideas about how good the game is and let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.


The game plays out so nice.  It flows nicely like an Infinity Ward game, yet it has the consistency of a Treyarch game.  You can really choose to play any type of style in the game and do well.  That is, unless you camp.  It isn’t hard to camp, but the game has been made so that it is more difficult for people to sit back and camp due to the game being a little bit faster paced than the old black ops game.

Now, due to the speed being faster, along with perks that make it harder for a player to camp (i.e. ghost not being available till a later level, and it only protects from UAV and only protects from UAV if you are moving).  I particularly enjoyed rushing in this game because of the people who were still learning the maps sat in corners and made it really easy to kill them (Mean of me, I know, but it is a game).

So far, I haven’t had really any problems with any of the maps other than some of them seem a little big for certain game types.  Team deathmatch seems to take much longer than it should on some matches because they are so obscenely large.  The one I really didn’t like was Turbine, but when that map has an objective, it plays so much better.

In terms of how the weapons play, they all feel really well and  seem to all be able to kill effectively.  Again, I haven’t used all of the guns so far, but compared to Black Ops 1, the guns from each class seem much more balanced in the sense that they can all kill effectively when they are used properly.  The smgs are good for up close to mid range, the assault rifles work for medium to long-range, the snipers work well at long-range, and the shotguns are alright at close range if you know how to use them, and the lmgs are able to put a ton of bullets in one place which can suppress or kill a ton of people, depending on the types of players you are playing.   One of the best things about how the game starts is that you have access to two launchers right off the start of the game.  And it isn’t just an ok launcher that you can free fire, no you have a launcher that can lock on much like the stinger and destroy a target (it is especially effective to carry the launcher due to all of the UAVs).  I honestly do not use the pistols because they restrict what you can do with classes unless you use a launcher (I’ll get back to that later) so I find them a little bit useless.  But the knifing problem may have finally been fixed because it is really, really difficult to knife unless you use the combat knife.

The class system is something I really enjoy in this game.  Instead of having slots for everything like in previous games, you can have 10 points worth of weapons, grenades, tactical grenades, perks and wildcards (which act as special perks that allow for more of something than you normally can have i.e. an extra perk).  You can get some really interesting combinations in how to use your points so you can divide up everything any which way you choose to fit your gamestyle.
The only thing other than a map or two being too large in terms of how my gameplay turns out is that I have not had a reliable connection to the game yet.  I have a good internet connection on the network I play on, yet I haven’t been able to pull better than a hovering 3/4 bar.  Also, there have been problems connecting to the servers in general when getting into multiplayer.  Not too big of a deal as I don’t think all of the servers are up yet but it could be  if the problem continues.  Complete customization ability.

The pointstreaks are also pretty nice.  They can be difficult to get because of the fast paced gameplay, but when you do get them, it makes them that much more rewarding.  I like all of the ones I have used so far and have actually come away with one of the non-lethal ones being my favorite, the guardian, because it can be useful in almost any gamemode and it consistently gets you more and more points.

Score 8/10


This may be where this game really shines.  It sounds so much better than any Call of Duty game I have ever played, by far.  The guns sound real, the explosions sound real, people’s voices change when they are indoors and outdoors.

I could honestly just sit and listen to a game and not be playing at all and just listen to the sounds of warfare going on around me.  It truly makes the game so much better.

That is, unless you’re a sound whore, which is extremely difficult due to no one yet being able to make themselves quieter,  alas it is just because it isn’t very far into the game yet.

Score 10/10


I think this game can be classified as very good in the graphic department.  One of the problems in the first Black Ops, was that there was a lack of colorful environments, kind of a bland palate.  Colors pop and things look good when you’re firing a gun down at your enemies.  Everything looks sharp as long as you have a high-definition television and makes the overall gameplay experience better because there really aren’t any eye sores when playing a match.
Score 9/10


Overall, I think this is the most ambitious and has the most potential to be the best game of the Call of Duty series.  I’m not willing to call it the best yet because there are some things that can be changed to improve it, mainly the connection problems, but once those are fixed I think we could definitively state that this game is in fact the best Call of Duty.


Overall Score 9/10

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