Black Ops In to the Future! War against the Machines!

A first look

The first Black Ops 2 trailer was revieled to the public yesterday May 1st during the NBA finals, and “the future is black”. This new installment into the Call of Duty franchise looks as if its taking a much needed turn in a different direction, and that is the future! Evil machines, computer tech terrorists, hopefully no bad Russians, this could be the new look Call of Duty was looking for.

The trailer opens up with STG. Frank Woods in the year 2025 (who is old and in a wheel chair) speaking about how man unchecked progression with technology has gone unchecked for to long. He goes on to say man has built robot armies to protect us and as our technology gets stronger we get weaker. We built drones, war machines, missiles all under computer control, but what happens “when somebody takes the keys”. The trailer then goes on to a mix of action scenes over a burning city. It appears from the trailer and from what woods has said, that we are under attack from our own weapons. It seems some computer terrorist has hacked into our network and has gained control over all our electronics, including our missiles and war machines. In the trailer you can see soldiers fighting off waves and waves of machines once built to protect and safe guard us. Woods then goes on to say that, the world will always need “men like us, who are willing to do what others cannot”. Hitting that there will be a war between what seems like man and machine. After a few more expoltions and Call of Duty type action, the trailer finishes up with the statement that. “The future is black”, then a relase date is revealed to us 11-13-12.

Where is Sharia Conner when you need her?

Call of Duty really seems to be making big changes into its story line, which always have seemed to have big bad Russians. From the trailer it seem will be fighting robots, which I have to say is really cool. It is a nice change up that I feel Call of Duty really needed and I cant wait to see where this game is going.  How will the story line play out, what nation or nations are under attack, is it the world and more importantly what will the future look like? The gameplay shown in the trailer showed a lot of interesting environments, weapons and bad machines to fight. In the trailer you could see soldiers fighting in a war torn city, and then city look to almost be completely destroyed. You can also see that the men fighting in the video appear to have new assult rifles and pistols. Which is interesting because I am so used to Call of Duty games, trying to accurately model there weapons as much as possible to the actual weapons. I wonder how these new weapons will play out in the new game., and what other features will these future soldiers have. Could they turn invisible like in the new Ghost Recon, do they have any laser based weapons like in halo?  More importantly do the machines have laser based weapons, how will the machines play a role in the fight against humanity. How many of them are there and how many different forms will they appear in. These are all questions I cant wait to be answered however it looks like will have to wait for further information about the game.

How do you feel about the game? Is this the new look you were looking for in Call of Duty or do you think it’s the same old “$60 / £40 DLC”? Leave a comment below, we will be keeping you posted with the latest news on Black ops 2 right here at

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