Borderlands 2 Trailer Analysis

The other game with a vault has finally shown some game footage as well as a set release date.

The game I am talking about is of course Borderlands 2, which is scheduled to come out on September 18th in the US and the 21st Internationally.

Borderlands was a surprise game that blended the ideas of a first person shooter and rpg style of gameplay that involved collection of different weapons and skills.  The second installment of the game looks to build on the successes of the first game in several different ways which can be completely noticed in the trailer:

One of the things that was so popular was the sheer amount of guns in Borderlands.  Developer Gearbox has promised many more guns which could completely change the way the game is played.  With the addition of more guns, come the addition of more upgrades as well which will also let you as a player choose your own play style based on each character.

Speaking of characters, there are four brand new ones that have been put into the game.  They are Salvador, the dual wielding gunner,  Axton, the soldier who has the extra use of a turret, Maya, the mysterious female who has use of some mystical powers, and Zero, the ninja-like character.  They each will have their own play styles but can most likely be modified based on what guns are used and what skills are upgraded.

It also looks like the original four protagonists will make appearances in the game as some were shown in the trailer, but they will most likely not be playable characters.

The antagonist looks t be a man called Handsome Jack and it appears he is the one trying to open the vault to plunder its riches.

From what can be seen in the trailer, it looks like there will be improved graphics and gameplay as well, which is to be expected of a sequel to a title that hit it big.

The final part of the clip ends with a mysterious woman stating “Pandora has changed, are you ready?”  which makes clear how different this game will be.

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