Bringing Back the (Original) Gran Turismo Series.

As many people will tell you, The Gran Turismo series is synonymous with all the Playstation consoles, With the series now spanning over 13 years of games since the release of the original Gran Turismo.

 Gran Turismo has been played by millions and is well renowned for helping to install the love of cars and racing to many generations, What made the Gran Turismo games special was the fact that they include vast ranges of real licensed cars which obviously helped transform many cars into the cars you’d dream to own! From playing the original i had always dreamed and still do hope to own a original Dodge Viper, having raced one to death on all of the 11 original tracks in GT1.

Gran Turismo 2 and 3 also installed the love of car racing more with the increasing amount of depth included into each follow up game, GT2 included a massive 650 cars and 27 tracks! They became the games you’d dream to 100% complete. I think the car industry massively owes the series a giant thank you for providing such positive progress to the car industry especially with Japanese cars, and also for providing such enjoyment to many generations who all shared the same love for cars!

I decided to start a petition to aim to try get the older Gran Turismo games re-released on the Playstation Store, as i think that so many of us would enjoy to play the old games just how we remember them.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and will sign the petition, and help to bring back the old series!



Tom Burt

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