Bungie Unveils Destiny

Bungie reveals new game “Destiny.”


Bungie has unveiled today screenshots and some video footage of its new game Destiny. The creators behind the Halo trilogy as well as Halo Reach & ODST have finally stepped out into the light to showcase some rather interesting dynamics. Watch the trailer here:

Destiny Trailer


Set in a world devastated by some unknown force, it places you as humanity’s last hope in restoring what little is left of a civilization. The video shown shows different ways on how Bungie has been working together to not just make the game something that can just be played on your own but by using the world as your community to play. To what extent this is put in is left to be seen but it seems as though Bungie is trying to get those who choose to play the game more freedom to work together other than just matchmaking and co-op. The use of mobile devices through this means seems possible from what has been seen through the video. Check back to games-tec.com for more news on this as it develops.

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