Business Tycoon Online comes to the iPad!

Business Tycoon Online is probably one of the top browser based, time management/business simulation games I’ve played and I’m sure BTOs ten million players agree and a few days ago they released a BTO iPad app.

BTO was created in 2010 though it existed in the Asian market for four years prior and has managed to gain over ten million users (thirty million according to the page on Wikipedia). The game is a MMO business simulation game and requires the player to build, from scratch, a business empire. With the help of a selection of secretaries with equally revealing blouses you are required to hire staff, buy stock and build an maintain warehouses to manufacture goods to sell on, like sports cars and planes. Business isn’t the only focus of of game, you can get involve in politics via the Town Hall and gain respect in Liberty City as a politician. You can also get involved with other online players by trading stock and other business type things.

The game itself is relatively easy to get to grips with but like most time management games the more you progress, the longer things take to build/be shipped.

Dovogames were happy to announce the release of their iPad app BTO HD on the 25th of this month.

Find it on the Apple app store here.

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