Call of Duty Sales Dip… Trouble for Activision?

Last year copies of Black ops during the month of January sold the amount of an astonishing 750 thousand copies.

However, this year, with Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer taking the reigns of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, it sold a less than acceptable amount, of only 386 thousand copies. This is still a load of copies sold, but for the numbers to drop down a little less than half, it is not a good future for Call of Duty. How will Activision, legal owner to the rights of the Call of Duty franchise, plan to keep people interested?

Activisions last million dollar making series, Guitar Hero, was cancelled in 2009 due to poor sales record post initial release. Will Call of Duty find itself going the same way, or is it the blame of the developers, rather than the company?


Source: Sales Records- Activision.

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