Calling All Brick Force Gamers – Brick-Force Launches A VIP Open Beta!

Infernum Productions in Berlin publisher of Brick-Force has announced today that they will be hosting a “VIP open Beta” for over 500,000 shooters who have already registered for the online game on April 26. These gamers will be granted the chance to invite their friends online for definite access to the widely loved sandbox shooter Brick Force. Brick Force is a sandbox shooter that allows players to create their own worlds and maps brick by brick. They can also share these worlds with the online community and fight or compete against other players or AI’s on the maps that they created.

To make this beta runs as smooth and flawlessly as possible Infernum will allow registered players to begin the beta exclusively with their friends. The Beta will then soon be open to all players, and their stats will be permanently available next Thursday April 26. Infernum will improve upon the VIP Beta based on its communities feedback, and will also feature new elements in gameplay. For example the Building Mode will be getting an upgrade by allowing players to have more power and control over the maps they are building.  Like the ability to build many bricks at once or to have the ability to freely move around the map easier with the sandbox jetpack.  There will also be some improvements and redesigns to the interface and browser version soon after the Beta opens. This along with some brand new sounds that will be introduced in all language versions and improvements in balancing will give Brink Force an upgrade. These items and more will be available for purchase through game currency or real money in the item shop.

There are also two shooter modes currently being developed by EXE Games along with Infernum Productions called “Defense mode” and “Build and destroy”. Defense mode will allow players to stand their ground upon wave after wave of monsters on some new PvE maps. In “Build and Destroy players will give players a new challenge by allowing them to build bricks and have to fight at the same time in a shooter mode. Don’t worry both of these modes will be launching in a matter of weeks, so you will soon be in the fight of your life battling wave after wave of monsters and fighting off other players while building your bricks.

Infernum Productions is currently working hard and is serious about the improvement and expansion of Brink Force’s gameplay in the upcoming weeks. Brick Force will be released this summer for the mobile and tablets versions of the game. For more information about Brick force go to the  Official Website at or  the Official Facebook Page

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