DmC Review

DANTE IS BACK…AND WITH THIS NEW ADDITION IS LOOKING BETTER THAN EVER The public and myself included have been pretty skeptical about what’s in store for Ninja Theory’s reboot of the gunslingin’ sword wielding Dante in the new DmC. Capcom has been in the “new ideas” sort of mood with the revamped Resident Evil 6 […]


Guild Wars Review

The Mother of MMORPG’s Is Here You know there are times when you pick up a random game off the shelf at GAME, buy it for the sake of buying something, in the hope it turns out to be at least a little fun and then the game just so happens to blow you away completely; […]

scrooge McDuck

Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection: The Perfect Retro Holiday Gift

Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection      If you’re looking for your ultimate nostalgia fix, particularly for that Sega Genesis itch, then look no further because Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection (say that five times fast) is the perfect fit for you. Now, there has been a lot of talk about how to spend your holiday money/gift cards, […]

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