Civilization V: Gods & Kings Preview

The Civilization series by Firaxis Games is a turned based strategy game where you control one of many civilizations, to build the greatest civilization of them all. You can do so by conquering the other civilizations in war, or by being culturally, economically or scientifically superior. Now that Civilization V has been out for almost a year, `it will get its first major update called “Gods and Kings”. This long awaited update will bring religion and espionage back on to the playing field, along with 27 new units, 14 new buildings, 9 new Civilizations, and an updated combat system. All these new perks will help to civilize Civilization V, into an even greater game.


If you played Civilization 4, you already know that there was a religion system in the past. However for Civ 5 there will be a whole new system. Lead Designer Ed Beach made plans to build a new system from the ground up for Civ 5. As an early civilization you now have to collect faith as a resource, just as you would science and culture. You can do so by, building religious wonders/buildings, such as the cathedrals, and discovering ancient ruins. All these items will help earn you faith points. With enough faith points you can now found a religion.  You can choose up to 11 common world religions or you can make your own religion, by renaming one of the 11 religions. After you do this, you can pick two benefits from a list that will help your civilization progress and/or help spread your religion. As your religion spreads you can unlock more perks from the list, to help benefit your civilization even more. You can also build missionaries to help spread your religion to other civilizations and city states. If another civilization adopts the same religion as you, diplomacy between the two of you will be easier, and they will most likely be friendly towards you. However as time goes on and you progress into later eras, religion will weigh less on diplomacy.

Espionage and Spies?

Spies are back and more deadly than ever, they hold the power to now bring down whole civilizations. You can send spies into other cities as sleeper agents, waiting on your command to execute a mission. Spies can weaken an enemy’s defenses, by disrupting enemy units guarding a city, or report troop activity to see if a nation is planning an attack on you. However two of the most exciting missions a spy can carry out, are fixing an election of a city state in your favor, and even better, start a coup in a neighboring nation. It’s like starting a war without ever having to actually go to war, hahaha(evil laugh).

New toys?

Yes that’s right boys and girls, 27 new units and 14 new buildings will be featured in this update. Although not all of them have been revealed to us, it has been confirmed that there will be a high focus on naval units.  Firaxis Games takes into account, in the old days many navies would board their foes ships, instead of shooting at each other until one navy was completely sunk. So a new boarding ability along with naval units specialized in that field will be added. Also units that are “embarked” can now defend themselves better, by allowing them to have more hit points. So your units aren’t always destroyed out at sea when land is only 2 tiles away. (Trust me it always happens). There will also be a focus on air units with addition of WWI era biplanes and ground units such as the machine gun. Also included is a new combat system that will allow units to have 100 hit points rather than the original 10, which will make combat more interesting. You might think twice before invading your weaker neighbor all the time now. There will also be 9 new civilizations in the game including Celts, Mayans, Byzantines, Dutch, and Carthaginians. This new update is no joke; Firaxis Games is serious when it comes to updates.

My thoughts…is this update Barbaric or Civilized

I am a huge civilization fan. In fact, as I am writing this article, civilization V is on my laptop in the back ground (I’m about to invade England!). This new update has me excited and worried at the same time. I love all the new units and civilizations, however, the combat system change is what I am worried about.  I wonder how changing the hit points from 10 to 100 will play out. I know it will make combat longer and more challenging. However, I don’t want this increase to completely change everything. To be honest, I like the combat system just the way it is. I’m not saying I don’t like the idea or I’m afraid of change, I’m just worried about the effects it will have on gameplay. Otherwise, I’m completely happy with this new update and I’m looking forward to the release on June 19, 2012. For more info on this update stay civilized and check with us here at

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