Coin ‘n’ Carry: The Review

Straight away, I’m going to say, Coin ‘n’ Carry is not my type of game. It target market from my perception is probably younger users, aged around 7-10. Luckily for me I have siblings of this age, so many of the opinions in the review are from their point of view.

So what is Coin ‘n’ Carry? It is an on line, in-browser game, with similar aspects to popular games today such as Zyngas Farmville or the current kids sensation Moshi Monsters. After creating an account, you come to the main menu page which has links to all the different parts of the games, which I shall break down individually and explain the pros and cons of each section, not only from my own opinion, but as stated above, but from the view of what I perceived the target market group might be.


Simple yet addicting, the mini-games which make this site work.

The first area I will explain, is what I consider to be, and pretty much everyone else who plays the game will most likely agree is the main section called Mini-games. This section allows the player to play to earn resources which can be used later on to craft materials for their shop, which shall be explained. These resources can vary, from the experience I had depending on how well you do in each game. To progress any further into the game a minimum of 10 mini-games have to be played.

There are several mini-games available to play, all with elements of common games today. Most notably “The Claw” which has aspects related to the online flash game “Gold Digger” and “Fruit Stand Disaster” which reminded me of popular iPhone game “Bejazzled”. For me these games got repetitive and too easy, too quickly. However my siblings spent a while playing the game happily and had little problems, enjoying the games and earning prizes. The only worry they had was from the game “Quality Control”, on my small laptop screen they could barely see the faults in the armour and the helmets, making this game difficult for them to win.

Apart from that the Mini-games area of the site had their approval.


After playing the Mini-games required to unlock this area, the collection of resources that you may or may not have built up can be used here. Using your basic schematics that you start with you can craft items such as Daggers and hoods, which can be sold later on in your store. A time limit is applied to this crafting session, which I disliked at first but realised it is a good idea as it prevents users from creating such a massive stock of items that they will never be able to sell. The process of crafting is simple enough, my siblings got the grasp of it rather quickly. However an error I quickly spotted was upon putting an item in the crafting bench, you have to choose one less on the keyboard to get the number that you actually need to craft. Otherwise you use up an extra resource that wasn’t need and is therefore wasted.


Apart from the customers looking rather scary, the shop was another great addition in the game.

Here is your shop, similar to the idea of a home in Moshi Monsters. This is where the coin making area of the game becomes apparent. Firstly you choose from your list of crafted items what you want to sell and drag these items onto the shelves in the shop. Once completed you can do one of two things, either redecorate the shop or start selling. When you start selling, you will see the list of potential customers on one side of the window, it is then a case of waiting until the day is over, (in game not in real life), and you can see the profits made. However be warned, items can be stolen during the day, and you gain nothing from these items. I would like to see a possible implementing of another random mini-game which allows you to prevent the theft from happening and adding something to do while waiting for the shop day to finish.


This is a nice element having a friends list of sorts, not knowing anyone that plays the game, I assume you can visit one another’s stores and send each other items. Plus being able to compete on the leader boards against one another is a good feature, everyone like a bit of competition! It would be cool if there would a sort of club penguin update at some point to enable people to wander around small collections of shops, with a chat feature, as this may expand the user base by a large amount.

Character Customisation:

The main menu interface was easy to use and aesthetically pleasing.

And finally the last small detail I will do into is the character customisation menu, this is self explanatory, here you can customise your shop keeper to change his/her appearance, which at this current time, in my opinion doesn’t really have much use, but perhaps incorporating some of the ideas above will make this more useful. However saying that, the physical appearance might not be worth much, but the power-ups received from wearing different attire are useful to those who want to gather more resources in a faster time and similar situations.


Finally, my overall opinion on this game. When it comes down to it, this is not the sort of game a hardcore gamer will get into to easily. This is more aimed towards the younger, more casual gamers in the market. Though currently free, (except if you pay to unlock more mini-games, more resources, the standard unlockables with these sorts of games), I don’t think that alone will increase the number of people wishing to play it. The game itself provides great foundations upon which to build a community of players similar to that of current popular competitors on the market. At this current time, more needs to be developed to remove some minor bugs and maybe an expansion on the music playlist side, because that same tune again and again drives me insane.  All in all not a bad game, I liked the concept of having to craft items to sell, instead of just getting items from the mini-games. It makes you think about what you need, what you want to sell, how many resources can you devote to this and that, but like I said, I would get bored of it quickly. So if you have younger siblings or are a child at mind with simple pleasures, suggest this site to them, they are guaranteed to have some fun and burn through some time. To try the game out yourself go to

Demo Video Below:



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