Company of Heroes 2 Announced

Fans of PC RTS games can rejoice this week as Relic have announced a sequel to the award-winning World-War-Two game Company of Heroes.

The game will be “a true successor, introducing a new front, new protagonists and new technology while retaining the unique mix of strategic gameplay and competitive multiplayer that made the original Company of Heroes such a success,” as Greg Wilson, a Producer at Relic said.

While the original game was based around the events of D-Day, the sequel will move to the Eastern front and the clash between Russia’s Red Army and the Nazis in 1941.

The first screenshot of the game was released on announcement:

Company of Heroes 2 first screenshot is exploding with detail Screenshot - 1 / 1

Graphically the game is shaping up to be a very pretty one, using Relic’s new Essence 3.0 engine. Destructible environments, new commander abilities and ‘dynamic battle tactics’ have also been promised. The game will also be followed up with DLC, or a “strong post-launch digital content plan” as they describe it.

Relic’s past record with strategy games makes this announcement very promising, especially seeing their latest work with Dawn of War II. Being an avid player of PC RTS’ (primarily CoH1 at the moment), this announcement is incredibly exciting.

More on this as it comes up.



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