Company of Heroes 2 Early Access Beta

Late last week, SEGA announced the early, limited access beta for latest Company of Heroes Game, Company of Heroes 2. The Beta will be available as an exclusive early access beta through Steam from Tuesday 2nd April and will be available to customers who have pre-ordered the full version of the game. As the beta is being hosted on Steam, it will utilize Steamworks match-making and friend lists as well as the Steam client being needed in order for customers to redeem their early access key.

Early access players will get to experience the game’s competitive multiplayer and skirmish game modes with access to a total of six maps (1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4). As well as the multiplayer, players will also be able to play against AI. These game modes also include a leveling system in which players can progress through a total of 40 levels with the option to customize loadouts to suit player style with the new “Army Customizer”.

As well as the initial closed beta, accessible by pre-order customers only, access for more players will be available in the coming weeks.


Company of Heroes 2 Beta Screenshot

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Sources: GamesPress, CompanyofHeroes

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