Death of the RTS Genre

One of my favorite two games growing up were for the pc, Warcraft 2, and Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2.  They are both of the RTS genre, or real-time strategy.  unfortunately, this game type is slowly dying.

Other than the massively popular Starcraft 2, there have been very few games within the past several years that are even noteworthy in comparison of the RTS games from years past.

StarCraft 2

The problem is, that the game type has been moved away from by the general population of gamers.  Consoles were a big part.  RTS games have never really transferred over to the consoles due to the complex work that could only be done with a keyboard and mouse.  This made RTS games become almost non existent within the console era.  With the majority of gamers playing on consoles it makes the consumer base for RTS games much smaller.

With a smaller consumer base, companies make less money on the games they publish and produce, thus, when looking at what games to make companies must go towards where the money is, and away from RTS games.  The rise of the first person shooter also made an impact as players went away from the games that focussed on strategy and went towards something that has action non stop.

It truly saddens me that it has come to this but I really hope that another developer goes ahead and creates another successful RTS game.  All I have now is Starcraft and that looks like all in the forseeable future.

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