Diablo 3 Beta Mishap: Secret Levels…

Blizzard’s much-anticipated Diablo 3 Beta is now underway, with thousands of the series fans drooling at the opportunity to jump in and delve into the Dungeons of Sanctuary, and with so many players, this was not going to be a smooth ride.

A from the depths of the beta, a Bug was born, and three new areas, not intended for public play, have been unlocked; The Festering Woods, Drowned Temple and the Fields of Misery. These levels are for the most part, playable, and feature much larger creatures than those seen in the intended Beta levels.

If you are gagging at the chance to try these maps out now, sorry, but Blizzard has already locked the servers and made them unplayable once more, so your’ll have to make do with one of the recordings that someone made while trying the maps out:

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