Diablo III First Thoughts

Let it be known that I did not play the first two Diablo games and my only previous experience with MMO’s was with World of Warcraft which I did not play that much.

With that being said, let’s get to my first thoughts on the game.

In all honesty, plainly put, I like the game.  It’s fast paced and easy to play, with enough of a difficulty that it keeps the game interesting.  So far I have only put in several hours so I have not been totally immersed in the game but I like what I have played so far.  The game play is addicting and easy to use, although the point and click way of moving and attacking can get some getting used to.  I like the graphics as even the fact that I have to play on a lower setting because I don’t have a good enough computer, and they still look great.  I have not experienced any lag whatsoever and don’t expect any.

So far I can conclude that it is a good game and worth the price that comes with it.  It is also nice that the game does not have a subscription fee and makes it easier to manage the $60 price tag.  A full review will be coming later in the week for the game.

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