Diablo III: Full Review

When I had first purchased this game, I was unsure about how my experience would turn out as I had not been in the MMO scence very much other than playing a little bit of WoW.  Also, I had never played the other Diablo games which I thought would hurt my overall experience.  Boy was I ever wrong.  Even with my lack of experience, I was able to play the game almost right away.  Because of this, along with the willingness of a few of my more experienced friends, had a great time with the game.  But enough of my personal stories, let’s get down to business.

The first place that I will go ahead and look at is the graphics.  Even on the lowest settings (which I have to run if I want the performance I want) they look great.  When you crank up the graphics all the way, it just looks that much better.  The game doesn’t need the est computer to run it which is even better as it allows more people who do not have all of the up to date software to play some of the games in today’s market.  I can play on my stock Asus laptop with only having to turn down some of the graphical settings, which shows how far the development team went to try to make it easier for more people to play the game who do not have the greatest hardware.

Next up is the gameplay.  There is one major difference from traditional MMO games and Diablo III.  It is much simpler to understand than many other titles that could be thrown into the same category (Star Wars : The Old Republic, Wow).  It does this in two different ways.  One major change that it has been switched over from a common movement in using the WASD keys to being one that is point and click for movement and actions.  This makes the gameplay easier as you can focus on moving your character with the mouse as well as using the right and left mouse buttons for actions as well as using them for basic and secondary attacks.  The second change has to do with the action bar.  Gone is the large amount of different skills and attacks a person can have in the bar and it is replaced with four skills, and only four skills.  These can be changed and customized within the liking of the player within the different skill trees.  Each different skill tree is broken down into four different skills which are unlocked at different levels as well as “runes” which improve these skills and add different benefits to that skill.

The skills are different for each of the five different playable classes: barbarian, demon hunter, monk, wizard, and witch doctor.  Each has their own set of attributes as well as a specific attribute which helps them out the most and the game tells you this so newer players know what attribute to focus on.  Each different type of character plays differently and because of this the game can be almost endlessly playable.

The combat is interesting and is so much different from what I had ever experienced before.  The point and click game play makes it easy and fun without making it too easy as your enemies will charge headfirst after you.  Even when playing with a group of people, some enemies will make sure to seek you out and attack you if you are doing the most damage to them.  It can make it difficult when you have a character who is not designed for close combat.  And that is where some of the abilities assigned to the 1-4 keys come in handy as they can help you in a pinch when your character does not have an advantage.  Therefore you can help yourself out and still do well.

When playing in a group, the game makes itself harder due to the addition of people into each game.  This increase in difficulty makes the game harder, but also rewards you with better loot from enemies that can help improve your character even more, which instills the idea that playing with friends does indeed make you better in the long run.

The storyline is also well-built.  Different topics flow into each other nicely and make for new and different quests each time and make the game overall more enjoyable.  However, the main focus in the game is not the storyline and is instead the dungeon crawler idea that has been in the other games in the series.

The sound quality is good and can be heard just how well done it is with every swing of a sword and shot of an arrow.  You can hear the sound of each as if were right next to you in real life.  As a result it makes the game more enjoyable because it immerses you even more into the game.  The ambient music did not really grab my attention that much and most times when exploring a dungeon I need to have some kind of music going on so that I can get through it.

All in all, Diablo III is a great game.  It offers almost unlimited replayability due to the almost known fact that there will be eventual expansions to the game.  I can hardly tear myself away from the game long enough to write this review.  SO I’ll end on this note :



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