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Often the subject of many a debate is the theory that computer games can influence children and can affect their behaviour in a negative ways, leading them to be disruptive and in some cases violent.

There have been many cases where by certain games have been cited as the reason for indiscriminate acts of violence the most famous games being DOOM, Manhunt and the Grand Theft Auto series.

These games are violent and excessively so in some cases (Manhunt) but yet all carry the BBFC 18 rating. So the question is not about the content it’s about the availability of this content to children. This I am afraid is where adults and parents are required to take responsibility and stop passing the blame onto others – which is becoming a cultural habit.

Games with a BBFC 18 rating are for use by adults who by the very definition are responsible for their own actions. This said the media and the government in some cases are ignorant to just what children are exposed to on a daily basis. The news and media for instance is full of footage of real life wars with victims and casualties each night. With the days of children being in bed by the 9pm watershed long gone is it right that nobody also looks into what is being broadcast or published in papers?

Does this mean I believe children should be exposed to what they are in some videogames? No not at all. Children do not need to see sexually explicit scenes or scenes of graphic violence. Games publishers should be mindful as to why they place this type of content in their games. Again this is has become a self perpetuating cycle with publishers realising that this type of content gains them immense media coverage… To read more please check out our partners website here

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