Do you need an expensive headset to be a better gamer?

(This is my personal opinion after I have spent several days with a set of Tritton Detonators)

Will having one of those fancy headsets you see pro gamers have make you a better gamer? Well, over the past few days I have already come to a conclusion. The up forward answer is yes, however, it goes much deeper than that simple answer.

I say that it helps you become a better gamer in some facets of games but it does not apply to all games, only some of them.  In that regard, it helps in games that rely a lot on the sounds of the game, and not so much as just being quick-witted.  I found that having my headset helped a lot in first person shooters as it allows for different sounds to be heard from different directions which will allow you to be more effective in knowing where your enemies are at.  However, you have to be good enough from the beginning for this new-found ability to work to its best extent.  For example, if you are an average player, you will not see a huge increase in skill right away after using the headset.  However, if you are an experienced gamer, I feel that the increase in your gameplay skill will be much greater due to the fact that you were already able to perform above many other people and as a result are able to use the new-found toy of being able to hear your opponents to the greatest advantage.

The thing that I feel will help most people is probably not what most people spend their money on, the microphone that comes as a part of the headset.  Being able to communicate with your teammates in any game will make not only you better, but THE WHOLE TEAM. When the whole team benefits, you become a better gamer without really having to have the skills of the people who can use the headset to its full potential.  Rather, by boosting the skill and awareness of those around you, the team gets better and when the team gets better you can counter those lone wolf types who try to win the game on their own, resulting on not always the highest score, but the important thing, winning the match.

I find the headset is not as useful when playing single player games unless you want the audio truly in your ear.  It can be good in games that require some communication such as Mass Effect 3 but is not completely necessary.  The headset is truly something of a spoil for those who can afford it.

In the end, does it make me a better gamer? Sometimes, depending on what game I end up playing.  Is it worth it to spend oodles of money on a headset? Not for most gamers.  Many should look at a cheaper headset as it will get the job done without breaking the bank.  I think the average gamer should spend no more that $30 on a headset unless they are looking into becoming a competitive gamer.

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