Don’t be afraid of the dark: An Amnesia Review

Now, I’m a big fan on the odd RPG game, especially when it involves interaction with pointless objects. Examples of these are Fallout, Skyrim, Bioshock, etc. But nothing, NOTHING is quite like Amnesia: The Dark Descent. You may have heard this game before, and for a very good reason. Because this game is noted for it’s pure terrifying experience.

When you see this coming towards you, you may want to keep low, quiet and pray to God.

Now, before I bought Amnesia on Steam for a measly £6, I thought to myself that the guys on Youtube such as PewDiePie or Tobygames were just putting on an act, trying to make the game much more intense than what it acctually is. Boy was I wrong. From the minute you start up the game, you’re instantly hit with a bone-chilling blast of creepy music as well as a dark and dreary main menu screen. Whats more, you’re given a message from the development team (who i think are a bunch of trolls.) that say to you to turn off your lights and put on headphones for the best experience, or in other words, if you have balls of steel. Of course, I did what they said and started the game. To begin with you listen to dialogue of your character, Alexander, who is running away from something that is after him and to forget everything that has happened in the castle you’re in, you’ve taken a potion that gives you amnesia (hence the title). Your quest is to rediscover what has happened and to put a stop to this unknown threat… Oh and to make it even more challenging you have to avoid being caught by the patrolling monsters that wander the very corridors you’re in.

It sounds simple right? WRONG. In this game you have no weapons, all you can do is run, hide and pray. If the monsters get you, you’re dead. So not much of a big deal right? Well that is one thing, but its the sheer ammount of phsycological paranoia and butt-clenching tension that gets you when you’re being chased or wander into a pitch-black room that automatically shakes everything inside of it. However there is a light at the end of the tunnel, although it is of a microscopic size. You can pick up large objects and hurl them at the chasing monsters which will stun them.  This gives you some time to run your backside out of there and not try and be clever and hit the thing with a small book or your lantern.

One of the many beautiful sights you can find in Amnesia... no wait.

Along the way, apart from dodging the monsters and making several trips to and from the toilet, you need to find quest related objects. These can be things from documents, to keys, to drill-bits, however once again those sneaky people at Frictional Games decide to make you’re gameplay experience a living hell by placing each item practically on the opposite side of the castle. Therefore not only do you need to run past the monster in the area you’re already in, but you’ve got to do it one or two more times… And then come all the way back again.

So if you think you’re brave enough to try this game out, be my guest. Although I would say that this game is better played with other people around you or talking to you. Mainly because it can be funny to see or hear the players reactions (e.g. PewDiePie’s reactions on Youtube) but it also acts as a comfort factor, and thus makes you less paranoid to look over your shoulder. (Especially when you’re playing it in the dark.)

On a different note however this game ticks all the boxes of what a game should include. These being excellent graphics, sound quality, gameplay experience, a detailed plot and not to mention the longevity of the game. (This can vary however, depending on the situation.) However being an Indie game, Amnesia has far excelled some of the qualities you find in popular games and you know that you wont get bored of this game. (Again that may be because you don’t want to play it anymore.)

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