Doubtful there will be anymore WWII Games

For years and years, the gaming industry has pounded the living hell out of the World War II genre of games.  Shooter games, RTS games, almost any type of game has been made based on the last World War.  Because of this, it is doubtful there will ever be another game based in WWII.

When we look at games that have come from World War II, the games have been successful and have profited companies.  The games range from the popular shooters of the Call of Duty series and Medal of Honor to the more recent addition to the World War II scene of Company of Heroes.  They all in their own right were great games, but now with the direction the gaming industry is going, there has to be change.  The Call of Duty series moved away from it completely after the addition of World At War.  That was several years ago.  The Medal of Honor series moved away from it after Medal of Honor Airborne.  These were all changes that happened several years ago.  The most recent successful game in World War II was Company of Heroes.  The only reason it was successful it the setting is because it breathed new life into the setting by being a successful RTS game.

The only way that I ever see World War II being a setting for another game is if the game is a completely different twist on it.  I think a game that would be based as an RPG would be interesting but would be very difficult to do.  Other than that, I think the World War II setting is dead when it comes to gaming.

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