Dragon Age III: A competitor to Skyrim?

Not many people would have known that Bioware have announced the development of Dragon Age III. It isn’t suprising seeing as they’ve just finished Mass Effect 3 of which has captured the attention of fans worldwide. But will Dragon Age III be just as good as the original or will it falter like the second? We will have to wait and see.

Bioware commented that they want the third game to be more focused on an ‘open world’ gameplay rather than its closed-off predecessors. They also said that they have been checking out aggressively at Skyrim for inspiration in terms of game-play.

Plot-wise, Bioware announced that the Warden’s story from Origins is over, and a new protagonist will be made. The story itself takes place after the events of the first and second games but may include cameo appearances of Hawke and the Warden from the previous games. Another bonus is, you can import the character bio’s and styles from the previous games into the third game. Thus the Warden or Hawke becomes what you set them as in the previous games. Bioware stated that this feature will be included so that it can create continuity throughout the story.

The map size has also increased, allowing the player to roam Thedas in an area three times bigger than Ferelden (the land in the original game). Confirmed locations include Orlais and Tevinter, however more may be revealed.

A new multiplayer mode is also announced, allowing players to engage combat against enemies such as npc’s and creatures, Dragons or even each other. However the gameplay will be altered as it will be running on a different game engine rather than Bioware’s Lycium engine used in Dragon Age II.

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