Drugs in Gaming

It seems like more and more, drugs are taking a hold of our society more and more and have come into the households of the american public even though they did not intend for them to be there.  Many popular M rated games now have some sort of drug involvement within either their storylines or with something that you could use in the game to cause a different experience.  It may start going over the top soon with how much games have put into the factor of drugs in gaming.

My first example goes back a few years and is one that I mainly do not have a problem with.  That is the ever popular GTA IV game.  With the addition of the player being more and more like how someone could go to a bar and get completely trashed on alcoholic beverages.  Then the player would have the opportunity to Drive away in their car, something that is illegal pretty much anywhere you would go.  And my problem isn’t with the drinking, it’s the option for the player to drive afterward.  It is something that the game tries to make interesting, and it’s not.  Drunk driving is very serious and because of this, it should have never been included in the game and should have been taken out with a patch or update.

My other problem is what was shown in one of the newer Farcry 3 trailers.  In the trailer it shows the main character eating a plant and that plant causes him to go on a trip.  A trip in the way a drug addict would look at it in the way that he has hallucinations and such.  In my opinion, this is just going too far.  It is showing the obvious effects a drug can have on a person’s mind and body.  I don’t care if it is a game or not, video games have so much influence on today’s society, it baffles me as to why they would even include it in the game.  I expect to see several anti-drug groups and associations to protest the game in order to get awareness out but until it launches, we wait to see what happens.


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