EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis 2 – Preview

So, I start up the game after an hour download time, we get the same ‘EA Sports, To the game!” announcement we’ve had since Pro Evolution Soccer 1. We then get an introduction to this game, which shows the fluid movement of the AI, and how it makes it seem more like a regular match on TV. I wouldn’t know, I don’t watch it.

The game has no demo provided, besides the occasional loading screen which has the controller for your system, and what the buttons do. But those are short and so you can’t soak them in. The game however does provide a ball firing machine for you to practice your timing, and get used to the right analogue stick ‘flicking’ at the tennis ball.

After a few balls of this, I got my timing down enough to go against real AI players. So, after some menu clicking and deciding as to whether or not to go as the man with the headband, or the man without, I entered the match. Amateur difficulty.

The serving mechanic and the timing aspect is a bit of an early put off for me, but after many double faults I got used to it, and managed to get into it. The gameplay is as it is told, very fluid moving, no frame skips, or lag from analogue stick flick to virtual tennis racquet. The game is compatible with PS Move, however I do not own, or recommend you buy, this. Free floEA Grand Slam Tennis 2wing, fluid movement, decently smart AI, all accumulates to pretty smooth, back and forth matches with your opponent. I actually found myself enjoying the game after my first few rounds breaking into it.

However, this is a demo, and with only two people to choose from, it does get repetitive easily. But, if you have a good match where it is constantly switching leads, any repetitiveness that may be boring to watch, becomes so exciting, and draws you back for more of those amazing moments.

The graphics for the game are outstanding, but if you play the game on a standard definition TV, you will find yourself struggling to see the tennis ball at times. On a HD TV the colour difference between the ball and the grass is clear, both green, but the different shades shin through well, but if you still own a SD TV, you will find yourself losing your place in a match, due to occasionally losing sight of the ball.

Despite my overall hatred for sport, I actually found myself enjoying this demo. I wouldn’t find myself buying the full release, but that is due to my personal preference. The game has no obvious bugs, glitches, and it was a very well made demo, if it is anything to go by for the final product, it is definitely a Tennis fans choice for a game.

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