End of Nations: The new Free to Play RTS

It seems in this day and age, that a free game is a good game.  But as it turns out, many of them aren’t as good as they sound and not as fun as they are made out to be.  End of Nations intends to change all of that.

End of Nations is a futuristic RTS and MMO cross game.  It will incorporate all of the ideas and tactics of a traditional RTS with large maps, varied units, and a mission that a team is supposed to complete.  It takes the MMO staples of large groups of players together fighting for the same cause.  It also allows for complete customization of the units that many other games do not allow.

With two factions as well as two different groups within the factions, there are multiple play styles for different gamers to employ.  It offers the different play styles for people and could lead to some interesting battles depending on what players choose as their faction.

The game is currently in Beta with a release later this year.  Players can register for the Beta at endofnations.com

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