Final Fantasy + Mass Effect 3 = Waste of Money?

So you may or may not have heard that Square Enix and Bioware have made a crossover between Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Mass Effect 3. The Downloadable content features new costumes for Noel and Serah (main characters of Final Fantasy XIII-2), these being the iconic Commander Shepard N7 Armour.

The ingame costumes will provide no added bonuses to the character, they are purely aesthetic.

The pack was available for download on Tuesday 27th March.

But alot of talk has been surrounding this DLC.  Fans of the franchise Final Fantasy were angered, for many a reasons. Firstly, this downloadable content, grants no added bonuses to the character, it adds only aesthetics to the character look. Which is considered a waste of the 200-300 Microsoft points that it will cost. Even something small like a rocket launcher would make the pack worthwhile.

The other reason fans are annoyed? Well, as with Mass Effect 3, Final Fantasy XIII-2 fans were severely disappointed with the ending that Final Fantasy had, and would prefer that this DLC actually explains the ending more, has a new ending etc.. or just a new game in general. Final Fantasy Fans obviously didn’t have the determination that Mass Effect 3 fans had to get the ending changed, probably because that Final Fantasy has dragged on so long, many of its original fans have abandoned it.

One of our community channel members is going to be discussing this in more detail soon, so make sure to check them out here: YouDaBroGames.

My personal opinion? Well, I can’t say I’m a final fantasy fan. Now don’t jump to conclusions when I say that, I do like the franchise, It’s just I never got into it towards the beginning of the series and I don’t want to jump in now. But I feel that if someone wants to buy the armour why not? Yeah you may consider it a waste, but they might not, and with the popularity of both franchises, I think alot of people will buy this DLC. For example, I am a massive Bioshock fan, I have all of the DLC possible and am considering buying a collectors edition of number 2 now, and i bought all the DLC for single player and Multiplayer on that game. Yeah some of it was just costumes but I enjoyed that so I bought them.  I think that’s what it all comes down to really, if you enjoy the game and want to buy it, then you can do so.

Disagree with me? Or if you have something to say write a comment below or head over to our forums and discuss it there. The relevant thread can be found here: Final Fantasy XIII-2 + Mass Effect 3 = Is it worth it?

More Screen shots below:

FFXIII Mass Effect Crossover 1FFXIII Mass Effect Crossover 2FFXIII Mass Effect Crossover 3FFXIII Mass Effect Crossover 4FFXIII Mass Effect Crossover 5

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