First Round of Black Ops II DLC Leaked

The first Black Ops II DLC map pack was leaked December 30th from a photo posted on the Black Ops II website. The map pack is called “Revolution” and it offers five new maps for the game. Four of which will be maps for matchmaking and the last one will be added to the Zombie line up. The four matchmaking maps are called Hydro, Grind, Downhill, and Mirage. Pictures have depicted distinct locations for these maps. Hydro is located at an electric dam, Grind is set in a skate park, Downhill is an arctic location, and Mirage is an Eastern temple. The one zombie map is called Die Rise and due to rumors and speculation have been made, Die Rise seems it could take place on a high rise.

But that is not all this DLC offers. Treyarch is raising the bar for Call of Duty DLC by adding in a new gun for multiplayer matchmaking called the “Peacekeeper.” It is an SMG that players will have access to once they purchase the map pack. Many people are worried about the issues that could arise in matching players that do not have the DLC with ones that do. The map pack has been set for a January 29 release date.

Leaked photo

Leaked photo

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