Funeral Arrangements are Now Being Made

Well, we all saw it coming, and now it’s here: G4 will no longer be a gaming television network—at all. Most of us who have grown up with the station, like myself, have heralded that the end of an era came long ago when G4 was cleansed of many of its more subtle programs hardcore G4 watchers loved such as: Cheat, Arena, Judgment Day, and Filter, as well as their unmatched coverage of E3, but this all started back in 2005, so let me back up. In about 2005 the channel changed hands to a new president, and this changed everything, purportedly with the new president claiming he wanted to make the channel more oriented toward men. This apparently meant doing away with 9/10 of the beloved game shows G4ers came for and replacing them with tacky reality TV shows like Cheaters and old episodes of Cops. X-Play and Attack of the Show were the only two original shows still kept on the channel, but were given reduced showtimes, following this Layla Kayleigh left G4 altogether, soon to be followed in about a year by other hosts.

This all seemed to change overnight, one day I turned on the TV and my favorite shows were gone, with no explanation; from here the cuts went even deeper with DirecTV completely cancelling its agreement with G4 and all together no longer providing it in their packages, the basic answer to this decision is simply that people stopped watching G4, and reportedly DirecTV said they saw no value in the network any longer; it was the gamers’ channel and they already had a solid cliche audience, so why would they change that, apparently to try and attract more people, but it only served to do the opposite.

After this blitzkrieg on the network, led by its new president, longtime hosts Kevin Pereira and Adam Sessler, noted and important hosts of their respective shows, soon left after this daft change about a year later, I’m sure part of Sessler’s decision was because of the near over-scripting to death that X-Play now suffered from with the new changes.

And now, finally, we’ve lost all we have left, G4 has announced, officially as of a few days ago that it indeed is going to cancel both X-Play and Attack of the Show at the end of 2012, so come January, there will be no more gaming shows on G4. Once the gaming network, made, built, hosted, and loved by gamers, now reduced to the decomposing, skeletal ghost of its former self, it’s no longer coughing up blood, people…it’s dead. Poor G4, I knew thee well. Rest in peace old friend. Any who would like to say a few words for our fallen comrade are more than welcome to do so below.

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