Games I Miss: Star Wars Battlefront

This will be a periodic series about games from the past that I wish were continued but haven’t  been.


Star Wars Battlefront was probably one of my favorite games growing up.  Not only was it a Star Wars game, but it also had the element of action as there were large battles between the different factions in the Movies and played on the fact that there were large battles between the differing factions.

With the game allowing you to play as the clones, droids, Rebellion and the Empire, it allowed for a different game every time.  Vehicles also made an appearance and could be the main parts of battle in several of the different, movie inspired maps.  In the second installment, space warfare was added in as players could fly the fighters of the respected factions in an attempt to destroy the other faction’s capital ship.  This added in an interesting aspect to the game and made it much more fun.It has recently been suggested that a new battlefront is in development, but until then, it is a series that I truly miss because of its unique game style and how much fun it was that it could make you want to play it for hours on end.

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