Games-Tec Is Looking For Dedicated Gaming And Technology Bloggers

Those of us here at Games-Tec are looking for writers willing to put some time in and provide content for us.  We are looking for those who are willing to write articles for free, with the possibility, depending on success of the website in the next year, as well as your own personal success in the site, could lead to payment in the future.

What we are looking for specifically are writers who can write anywhere from  three to five articles a week about either gaming or technology related news.  We also encourage our writers to write unique, creative articles that can cover an issue of something of your own opinions or something that has become a big issue within the gaming and technology communities as a whole.

We hope that you as an individual can help us by providing content, but also help yourself as we will publish your writing which can help with your future endeavors as we know  that not everyone will stay with Games-Tec for the rest of their careers.

When applying, please consider these specifications:

  • We would appreciate some sort of writing experience
  • Over the age of 18
  • English as a native language

For contact information and to apply for a position, email myself at [email protected]

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