Games-Tec Survival Games (Minecraft PC)

Do you like Minecraft? Think you’ve got what it takes in an all vs. all arena? Then you should come play The Minecraft Survival Games hosted by Games-Tec on the 6th June 2012 at 9:00PM GMT (UK time). Not only will it be a fun way to show off your Minecraft survival skills but also gives you the chance to win some cool prizes!


The competition will take place on the IP , This server shall be whitelisted for the duration of the games so to join make sure you notify me beforehand, contact details at end of the article.


First place will win a copy of the humble bundle. We have purchased a copy of this, with all the costs going to charity!

Included in the Humble Bundle is:

Minimum Specifications for each game can be found here: Humble Bundle Game Specs.

Also included is a copy to the soundtrack from each of the games!

First place will also receive a shout out to their YouTube channel, if applicable, and the opportunity to have 3 of their videos featured, over time on the homepage of our site. Also the chance to be in one of our videos for our personal channel, TheGTCommunity, which will receive shout outs on twitter daily to our 800+ followers!

Second place will win a copy of one of the following games via steam:

Also a shout out, if applicable to their YouTube channel via our site and the chance to have 2 of their videos featured on our homepage.

Third place, if applicable, will receive a shout out to their YouTube channel on our site and can have one of their videos featured on our homepage!


The rules are simple:

  • No Breaking of any blocks, except leaves and vines. Breaking these rules will result in removal from the games and banning from future games. You can however place blocks given to you via chests or from the environment when a creeper destroys it.  The blocks you place cannot be destroyed, unless of course, they are leaves/vines.
  • You can team up, but remember there can only be one winner… Any obvious attempt to cheat to get all top positions will end in removal from the games.
  • No hacks or cheats of any kind. Including; X-ray, Fly, Zombe Mod, item stackers… etc. We have plugins in place which can detect these and will kick you from the games, once leaving the server, unless at the GameMasters discretion, you cannot return to keep on playing.
  • GameMaster is me, A11nutty, final say ends here.
  • After death, you cannot fly around and view the other players as this may encourage cheating.

Any other rules will be explained in game.

We have a maximum of 26 places available. So to ensure you receive a space and are added to the whitelist.

Contact me via the following.

Twitter: @a11nutty or @gamestecsupport.

Skype: jamesallnutt100

Email: [email protected]

Or send me a text at: 07824995164


Awaiting submissions! May the odds forever be in your favor!

If we have no more space available you can still watch the games, as it will be livestreamed! Keep an eye on the site for more details on that to follow!


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