Gears of War 4?! What is this madness?

Two CoG soldiers escort a shadowy figure to their fate. I wonder who it is...

Many of us believed that the Gears of War series was over, after three pulse-pounding, butt-clenching, headshot-booming games we see Marcus Fenix finally putting an end to the Locust Horde and possibly ending up with Anya at the end. Sure lots of things happened from his breakout of prison from the first game until then, sure to every Gears fan (including myself) we all know what happened in the past. But did we?

Take a look at this GameInformer cover. Here you can clearly see two cog soldiers escorting a shadowy figure into a large room whilst the mysterious person is wearing handcuffs. Who is it? What is going on? And why does every pointless contraption in the game have glowy bits?

After careful analysis, I predict that this is the beginning of what may be either a new series of GoW games or a single prologue game. We all know that in the series we’re told that Marcus is convicted of abandoning his post to save his father, so would it be possible for a prologue? It may appear so.

If it IS so, however, we may finally see some of the backstory to the series before and during the events of E-Day. We may also see potential characters that appear in the Gears of War books, such as Dom’s brother, Carlos, or members of the Pendulum Wars such as Bai Tak, Helena Stroud, Tai, Kennen and a younger Bernie Mataki. However I cannot fully predict this. One thing is for sure, If this game is in development, and if it will be a prologue game, it should cover up several plot holes to the story that so far remain unclear or untold.

However if Epic Games have decided to reboot the series with more games around the central plot of the first three games, we may see a deja vu of what happened to the Halo series except in Gears form. (And we all know how ODST went!) Lets just hope that Epic can pull this somewhat risky move off, because initially we all know why they’re doing it. (For the money if you didn’t realis.e) Yes it is an extremely successful series, but even so, every successful series have their scars. Star Wars has Episode I, Halo has ODST, Indiana Jones has The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Fable has The Journey, all of these things are weak attempts to milk out as much profit from a successful series as possible.

So will this game be any good? I do not know, but personally I hope it does, but thats mainly because I’m a Gears fan. In an economical point of view, I’d say that Epic is only doing it so that they can squeeze as much money out of the franchise as possible. But if it is good, then not many people will complain about it. So it may be a win-win after all.

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