Ghost Recon Future Soldier Review

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Review

            Camo up. I see three targets, looks like two riflemen and one machine gunner. Moving in to acquire target. This is Ghost lead I have the target in site, waiting for your command. This is Ghost 2 I see the target, Ghost 3 waiting on your signal. Drop all targets in 3,2,1,………All targets are down moving on to objective.

Ghost Recon is and has always been a shooter that just stands out from the rest. This is not your occasional shoot and run type shooter, which is great for Ghost Recon fans and those you are just looking for a change. Fans will be happy to know that this Ghost Recon has not left behide what made this game so great. Team work, precision, stealth, and strategic planning are all still at the heart of the Ghost Team. Yes the Ghost Team has a few new toys to play with being in the future and all but strip away all that and you’ll find yourself on the same team you’ve always been fighting with in the series.

Gameplay Reconnaissance

The gameplay feels great and original if you played other Ghost Recon games in the series. In other words you will still feel like apart of the Ghost team you remember, just with new tools which will help you get the job done easier. Clearing out a building will go a lot smoother when you have your portable UAV circling above the building, or your magnetic seniors on which can identify any one holding a gun inside the building. These new tools are fun and easy to use, and I must say pretty cool, but even with these tools strategy is the name of the game. You can still command your team mates in a more dynamic way than before. Setting up group take downs by pointing out up to 4 targets for your team to take out all at once at the end of your countdown, is a new and cool example of that. However I must say it is a lot easier with AI allies than real ones. Although there is a 4 player co-op for story mode, (which I recommend playing), it’s a lot harder playing with your friends. When you setup for a group take down let’s say, your AI allies never miss, but it seems like you always have that one friend that does. However this is a good thing because you will always have that tension in the air as you go through missions with your friends. The AI allies in the game are perfect almost never getting caught by the enemy or dying, which is why I recommend playing with friends. When you play alone with allies, things seem to easy you feel almost invisible, as you and your AI allies quickly and silently swipe an area clear of enemies. With your friends on the other hand things are much more hair raising, as every single one of your friends are depending on you at all times, and you on them. If one person slips up the whole operation is at risk, and if stealth is out you and your friends will be up against a wall fighting for dear life as waves of enemies come after you.

Gun Smith

Gun Smith is a new and cool feature were you unlock guns by completing special tasks on missions, like getting 4 head shots in a row with a certain weapon. As you unlock more guns and pieces to add to them you can literally take apart your gun and customize it to your liking. Literally every piece of your gun is customizable down to the tigger, it even uses the Kinect for this mode. Gun Smith adds a fun and cool new flare to weapons customization.


Multiplayer is where this game really shines, as the series is all about team work, so is the multiplayer. In co-op mode I already expressed how cool and important it was to work as a team, same applies to the rest of the multiplayer. It’s different from your normal from your normal multiplayer shooters, even Battlefield were team work is needed. In Ghost Recons multiplayer you and your TEAM will go up against other TEAMS to fight for objectives, or plan and execute maneuvers to take out the other team. For example in Deco mode there are two teams tasked with securing 3 objectives. Here’s the catch though only one of them is the actual objective, the other 2 are just DECOS. This keeps the tension between not only the two teams but among your own teams mates high, because in order to dominate here you need all your teammates to be on the same page. Its very easy to get blown away against another team that is working together, if your shoot running and gunning. So sorry Call Of Duty fans(including me), you have to change up your tactics to dominate  here. Another mode that I like in multiplayer is Guerilla mode, which is kind of like a survival mode with different waves, but with a twist. Instead of jus holding out against endless waves of enemies, each wave is an objective were you and your team have to work together to complete. Each wave is different and more changeling than the last, and blinds will together from mission to mission. For example wave one maybe to take a warehouse, then wave 2 will be to hold and then wave 3 will be to escape to another location. Its to see Ghost Recon changing things up, and not just copying from Call Of Duty like a lot of games these days do.


  • Great gameplay and Ghost Recon stuck by its game winning formula while still adding in a lot of cool new features.
  • Multiplayer is great and if you’re looking for a game were you feel as if you belong to a team, this game is for you.
  • The games replay value is great because there a lot of weapons to unlock on missions and multiplayer.


  • The campaign is only 10hours  long
  • At times the games graphics looks beautiful but other times the game lacks compared to today’s big titles.
  • Playing alone in the Campaign can be dull I recommend playing with a friend.

My thoughts

Personally I think Ghost Recon Future Soldier is a great game, I have played other Ghost Recon games in the past and I do believe this is the best one.  Although I think , a lot more could have been done to make the game better and develop the story more it still is a great game. Now get your Camo up and secure that Intel soldier!


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