Ghost Recon Future Soldier: The Recon Network

A new feature has been announced for the soon to be blockbuster, Ghost Recon Future Soldier.

The new feature is something that was recently announced and is called The Ghost Recon Network.  The network will be a free to use service that will allow for several features that will surely improve the overall gaming experience.

The new features include:

  • a system that allows for players to share different gun customization that are created through gunsmith
  • access to see stats and what other players are doing
  • game information that aims to help you become a better player overall.
  • ability to build and manage a squad
  • can unlock extra weapon customization through the download of a mobile app for the game

Many feature of the Network have still been promised and because of this, it looks like it will be similar to those that have been launched  such as Modern Warfare 3.  The only issue is if it will be implemented better than it was for the Call of Duty Series.

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