Gotham City Imposters

Batman Gotham City is an online multiplayer first person shooter only game, available for download on Steam, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live. Set in the Universe of DC Comics: Batman, and made by Monolith Productions (Developers of F.E.A.R), it is a fun-based game with plenty of guns, gadgets, weapon modifications and even character customization.

The Joker Really Needed a Haircut at this point...

To start off the game you get a humorous introduction, that is a mixture of pre-made scenes and in-game gameplay, followed by accepting a bunch of policies. But even that has a little humour to it in a text box beside the Policy.

Then, you have 60 minutes to decide whether or not you want to buy the game. This is called the trial period, and it’s nice to know that the develpoers give you this long to decide, rather than make you decide off the Beta.

The Beta left a bad taste in my mouth, due to the horrid matchmaking, I spent about 1 hour maximum in the few days I owned it actually playing in a match. But now, we have the final release of the game, and matchmaking is, nearly, fixed.

Before we get into the game online, I have to mention the optional training. This training is worth doing, if you come from a COD background. Although the controls are the same, the flow, feel and just the way the it works is very different from your average FPS. the training intro cut-scene is humurous, and the training overall is helpful. It’s a good thing it is there, with all the gadgets in the game you’ll need it. Although, some instructions don’t seem to be accurate to what it wants you to do, at one point it told me to press L2, when I actually needed to hold it. But this only happens once, I just felt necessary to mention it so you don’t walk around confused for five minutes like I did.

Matchmaking, as previously stated, sucked during the Beta testing. Compared to that, it has greatly improved, and the teams balance well. If two people leave the enemy team pre-match lobby, one guy on your team will be transferred. But, if you are in a group of friends, you may find yourselves get seperated at times, which becomes frustrating. Best to play in teams of three maximum until this is sorted.

Occasionally, I will ‘Lose Connection to Host’, I unsure as to whether or not this is my problem, or Gotham City servers. The online matches play well, everything is balanced very well, considering the massive amount of weaponry and perks (fun facts) there are. If anything is overpowered, people havn’t unlocked it yet.

The game plays very well, but some maps seem to be designed specifically for one gamemode. Maps, too, are lacking, I have only seen four pop up in the rotation, but I may be wrong. For example, The Docks seem to be a Psyche Warfare only map, when you play it on Team Deathmatch, everybody crowds at the back of the map.

The graphics, which is something I will rarely touch on, are very good. They are crisp, clean and fluid. But, due to the comic book theme, and the cartoon styles, from a distance everything seems to blend into each other, so if your going for those long shots you may have a hard time, unless you sit within headbut distance of your television. HD is also a must for this game, the text is unreadable in SD, and instead of far distance blending, it becomes medium distance, which is the usual amount of time you will spend shooting at people. Or walls, in this case.

In my opinion, this game is very fun, geared towards the casual gamer that is just looking to shoot stuff with a big as gun as possible. But, keeping the game very balanced indeed. And for 15 US Dollars and nearly 12 UK Pound, this game is definately worth the buy. But try it out for an hour first. This is a game that could go really well for you, or really bad.


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